When Cancer Steals Your Will to Cook


When I was going through cancer treatment, some friends from my daughter’s school organized a meal train for our family. Other friends visited from the East Coast and cooked for us. We were grateful for all of it.

And, if I’m being really honest – it would have been great if it had continued for a few months after the high drama. I love to cook, but during cancer treatment and a long time afterward, I just felt too tired to do it.

Back in 2010, when I was going through cancer, I pretty much just had to suck it up. But now there’s another solution: meal kits.

I’m still not sure if I would do meal kits, because I hate being told what to do. But some of my support group acquaintances swear by them. They say that the kits reduce hassle and can be cost-effective. One woman even said that doing meal kits for a year helped her lose weight.

If you don’t like cooking, if you’re overwhelmed, it seems like this can be a super solution. Meal kits in just a few years have grown into a $ 1.5 billion business and are expected to double in the next few years.

There are now nearly 100 different meal kit companies jostling for market share. All offer coupons and deals for the first order.

You can order according to a special diet (see “gluten-free” or “paleo”), or eliminate certain ingredients, or specify calorie count or the maximum time you want to spent preparing what’s delivered. Some services even link to a grocery delivery service like Instacart.

Prices also vary. But at a minimum, you’ll pay approximately $ 9 to $ 12 per meal. So for about $ 60 a week per, you can order a week’s worth of dinners for one person. The ingredients will arrive prepackaged with relevant recipes. It’s kind of a middle ground between homemade pasta and take-out.

I’m no expert in the pros and cons of meal services, but you can find some good comparisons herehere and here.

Cancer’s difficult enough without stressing about dinner, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, check it out.

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